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Market leaders in the design and manufacture of lockers, compartments, sport-court walls and complementary products.
In excess of 2,000 Health and Fitness Clubs installed with Cabrillant glass shower compartments. 
A range of products to complement our lockers and compartments product ranges.
Ideally suited for installations in all types of public buildings.
Our photographs are taken of
actual finished installations,
not staged or computer
generated imagery.
We work with architects and their clients to provide design, color and choice to suit all.

Authentically pleasing, environmentally clean.

Specialists in lockers, stalls & compartments for the fitness, hospitality, higher education, healthcare, and corporate markets. Prospec has over 30 years experience of providing high quality Changing, Toilet and Shower Compartments, Lockers and complementary products in glass, compact grade (phenolic) laminate, and wood.

The Marathon Collection of storage lockers, shower and toilet compartments, and bench systems, use solid phenolic panels and glass. These products are intended for public facilities which can experience heavy daily use, and with vast color and wood grain palettes to choose from, are ideally suited for installations in all types of public buildings.  The Marathon Collection offers complementary products to give those finishing touches. Prospec's line of Wood Lockers brings warmth and options of real wood, laminate or glass doors.

The Cabrillant Collection offers several upscale shower and toilet compartments systems in glass. Installed in private
fitness clubs, corporate lobby restrooms, university recreation centers and locker rooms, our glass systems offer
sleek European design and "max privacy" features which are often copied, but never duplicated!


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