Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

Prospec's installation of 3 tier Marathon glass lockers were specifically designed for the Imperial War Museum London. The glass locker doors use opti-white low iron glass, which reduces the greening effect that the toughening process creates, with an opaque ceramic painted white finish and clear vision strip.

The vision strip is functional in terms of security. The contents of lockers can be monitored where staff and members of the public come into contact with portable items of value and/or interest.

However, the vision strip also creates a contemporary design element to the lockers making for an aesthetically pleasing installation.

To the top of the lockers a sloping top in a matching laminate was added to prevent any debris and unwanted items being left or stored on top of the lockers. It ensures the area stays clean and tidy, but more importantly it eliminates the potential to store any items that can pose as a security risk.

Imperial War Museum

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