Ellis Pearson Glasswalls


Ellis Pearson Freestanding Glasswalls Type 200

Type 200

Ellis Pearson Door Set 990

Set 990

Ellis Pearson Centre Court


Ellis Pearson is the world’s leading name for squash and racket court glasswalls.

In 1969 Ellis Pearson developed and installed the first glass backwall in the world at Abbeydale squash club in Sheffield. Since then many thousands have been installed throughout the world. Ellis Pearson glasswalls were the first to meet the International Squash Rackets Federation specification, now known as the World Squash Federation. Ellis Pearson glasswalls can also be made to suit bespoke situations where nonstandard sizes are required. The design would be based on the freestanding or Clubwall alternative. The range also offers glass doors to fit into existing courts.

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