Centre Court
Centre Court


The Ellis Pearson permanent all glass squash court:

Type 1700: 1 no freestanding glass sidewalls with double dotted application to all of court wall surface (9.75 m wide x 4.62 m high).

Type 1500: 1 no freestanding glass frontwall with double dotted application to all of court wall surface (6.40m wide x 4.62 m high).

Type 200 non-standard: 1 no freestanding glass backwall to join sidewalls in clear glass (6.4 m wide x 2.13 m high).

With clear glass fins, high tensile nylon patch fittings on the glass walls (clear fittings except for door stops/hinges/keep which remain in matt black and latch set in aluminium); aluminium brackets to fix base of fins to concrete slab, inclusive of silicone sealant, bolts, nuts, screws etc., required to complete the installation.

Double Dotted Glass Specification

  • The glass will be covered by a pattern of white or color on black ceramic paint, fused to one surface of the glass and incorporating a series of dots
  • The pattern is repeated across the entire surface of the glass, to within 2mm (approx 1/16 inch) from the edge, by a screen printing process.
  • Repetitious pattern application on the surface of the glass will butt up against one another
  • The resulting pattern will create nominally 2mm diameter (approx 1/16 inch) clear areas in the glass so as to allow a 50% light transmission, plus or minus 10%. Minimum light reflectance to be 40%
  • The pattern will be completely fused into the surface of the glass. The average maximum number of defects in any one panel not to exceed 3 per 0.5 metres square (5.5 square feet)
  • The clear area of the glass can be altered to suit individual needs - both in shape and lighting transmission and the process can be applied to either side of the glass

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Centre Court

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