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Aluminium Cubicles - Description

Marathon Classic is our original fully framed aluminium cubicle system, which has been developed and improved over many years. Specifically designed for high traffic public areas. The Classic Aluminium Cubicle combines style with quality engineering. The use of compact grade laminate gives the system the durability to withstand heavy use in wet environments.

Aluminium Cubicles - Key Benefits

  • Fully framed aluminium cubicle system
  • 49mm x 99mm radiused head rail, mechanically connected to 50mm diameter vertical posts, with screwport connections to form a structural framework
  • Head section connected at 90° junctions
  • Tamperproof design, no exposed mechanical fixings
  • Door frame with ‘safe edge’ anti-finger trap details
  • Aluminium cubicle vertical posts are connected to the floor by adjustable legs
  • Full length channels are used to attach partition and pilaster panels to walls
  • Pilaster panels secured into frame with anti-fungal silicone adhesive
  • Standard handle assembly with powder coated aluminium coverplate, internal door knob/buffer, plain cover rosette to the exterior through bolt and screw construction

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Marathon Classic

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