Oct1 2020 Industrial Style Inspiration Life By Prospec

The industrial style mixes the old and the new. Exposed engineering building materials, matched with modern elements can create a space with comfortable luxury and distinctive style.

Using contrasting materials such as wood and metal creates a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere as the warm and cold tones form an inviting depth. Glass panels back painted in metallic tones offer new ways to achieve an industrial theme, whilst benefitting from the practicality and hygiene of glass. Find out more at www.lifebyprospec.co.uk/industrial

Industrial Style Inspiration Life By Prospec

Sep1 2020 Six New Vans For Our Busy Installer Fleet

Prospec have just taken delivery of six new vans with four more to be delivered next month. Prospec continues to invest in the future with six new vans and four more to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Managing Director Andrew Peach stated, "The vans are for our dedicated installers who cover the UK and do a fantastic job, we are currently extremely busy and updating our fleet is a reflection of our confidence that the market will recover and Prospec will continue its growth strategy".

Six New Vans For Our Busy Installer Fleet

Aug3 2020 Connect Cubicle System In The Spotlight

Connect is a cost effective cubicle system suitable for washrooms that do not experience a high volume of public use.

Simple but clean design, and made from compact grade laminate, all edges are polished with radiused corners, for safety and soft close aluminium hinges allow doors to fall close quietly. Connect is an elemental system suitable for toilets and showers within general commercial facilities that do not experience a high volume of use. The product is simple yet effective.

Find out more at https://www.lifebyprospec.co.uk/connect/

Connect Cubicle System In The Spotlight

Jul8 2020 Introducing Trace, Flush Fronted & A Floating Appearance

Flush fronted with clean and minimalist styling, Trace is finely detailed with an unbroken, smooth appearance. Trace has rebated doors for privacy and quality whilst featuring hardwood edges and set-back pilaster feet that accentuate the systems flawless and sophisticated appearance.

Find out more at https://www.lifebyprospec.co.uk/trace/

Introducing Trace, Flush Fronted & A Floating Appearance

Jun8 2020 Air Represents The Next Generation Of Glass Cubicle Systems

Using intelligent hidden fixings, highly engineered components Air represents the next generation of glass cubicle systems.

The unique position of both the foot and headrail ensures that all that is seen are the occupancy indicators on a floating wall of glass. Using intelligent hidden fixings, highly engineered components and the latest glass technologies, Air represents the next generation of glass cubicle systems. The unique position of both the foot and headrail ensures that all is seen is floating wall of glass, with only the indicator plate announcing the door opening. Find out more at https://www.lifebyprospec.co.uk/air/

Air Represents The Next Generation Of Glass Cubicle Systems

May11 2020 Cloud Cubicle System In The Spotlight

Cloud is a highly engineered, full height, flush fronted glass washroom cubicle system. Rebated doors made of toughened and laminated glass, machined components and aluminum extrusions, this cubicle system that will be a statement piece of any grade A office development designed to be full height with a max floor to ceiling height of 2500mm. Find out more at https://www.lifebyprospec.co.uk/cloud/

Cloud Cubicle System In The Spotlight

Feb 5 2018 University Of Nebraska Student REC Centers Choose Marathon Lockers

HOK Architects, and the UNL Student Rec Department chose Prospec's Glass door Marathon day lockers for use in both of their Student Rec facilities the newly renovated East Campus facility and the City Campus main Student Rec facility. A unique requirement was that the University staff required visibility of the contents of the lockers, but wanted to maintain the sleek look and design of the Prospec brand.

The solution- translucent Bronze tinted tempered, laminated glass doors that from afar look like a dark Bronze glass but up close, allow staff to see clearly the contents inside the locker. Multiple configurations and sizes of compartments, utilizing electronic digital locks, allow users to secure small personal effects, or larger bags and gear, as allowed in the 3 tier, 4 tier and 6 tier Marathon mix. Prospec continues to collaborate with the University on ongoing capital improvements and is grateful we were selected to provide our long lasting, maintenance-free glass lockers on the UNL Campus, an exciting and stimulating experience for students, staff and visitors to UNL and greater Lincoln.

Sep 9 2017 UREC Center In Louisiana State University Chose Prospec's Marathon Lockers

HOK, Grace-Hebert Architects, and Louisiana State University chose Prospec's Marathon Lockers for the landmark new UREC Center at the University's main campus in Baton Rouge. Hundreds of our wet area phenolic door lockers, in two colors, with electronic digital locks, can be found in the Men's and Women's multiple locker rooms in the new center, opened in the Summer of 2017.

Throughout the facility, Prospec White glass day lockers can be found in strategic areas, handsome complements to the bright daylighting and colorful finishes that make the UREC a WOW experience for all who visit. We are pleased that the Design Team and the University chose Prospec's high quality wet area Marathon lockers to serve the needs of students and faculty for many years to come. Geaux Tigers!

Apr 22 2017 Reilly Center At Tulane University Choose Cabrillant Cubicles And Stalls

Renovating Student Rec locker rooms while school was in session was not an easy task in the "Big Easy". Studio WTA, Architects, the University, and a very experienced and passionate Contractor, Boudreaux-Nathan Builders, chose Prospec U.S. as a design assist and supplier-partner for this massive undertaking which included multiple phases, and the challenges that all major renovations bring.

When dimensions changed mid-course, as often they do in renovation, Prospec responded deftly with custom size changes to lockers already into the fabrication stage. Prospec offered its unique ability in the market to respond quickly to locker width and height requirements, and other customization required whether in the lockers, the Cabrillant shower cubicles, or the Cabrillant toilet compartments, as the old facility was gutted, surprises found, and new dimensional requirements were established mid-process. We are thankful to have been chosen to be involved early in the design phase, as the Architect developed highly functional and beautiful spaces, utilizing Prospec's systems customized for each area's application, with stunning effect. Reilly Center is now a shining new gem for Students, staff and guests, and becomes another must-see experience among the many in the Crescent City.

Mar 1 2016 Come and see us at FIBO 2016

7 - 8 April: Trade Visitors only
9 - 10 April: Private and Trade Visitors

FIBO is a 4 day event held from 7th April to the 10th April 2016 at the Exhibition Centre in Cologne, Germany. It is an International business platform for managers, distributors, suppliers, investors and decision makers in the fitness, wellness and health industry.

Come and see us at FIBO 2016

Jan 7 2016 Ellis Pearson Glass Walls Get Their Moment In The Limelight

Prospec are delighted to see the 3 Ellis Pearson squash court glass walls feature in the YouTube clip of the new £44m Consett Academy and leisure centre complex. The glass walls supplied by Prospec were installed along with the fully equipped changing facilities, featuring lockers, cubicles and complementary products.

The brief film highlights the fantastic, high quality, facilities the brand new state of the art centre has to offer.

Ellis Pearson Glass Walls Get Their Moment In The Limelight


Nov 3 2015 Prospec Lockers & Cubicles On TV

Prospec lockers feature in film again. Checkout the Gymbox play hard YouTube video and have a glimpse into the world of Gymbox, where they put their members through the trendiest paces possible. You’ll feel like you've had a workout just watching it.

Pay extra attention to the twist at the end! It’s amazing what you can fit in a Prospec glass locker. Also visit our case studies page for a look around the changing facilities of the latest Gymbox club in Stratford.

The advert can bee viewed on YouTube by clicking the image.

Prospec Lockers Feature in Film Again

Oct 2 2015 Prospec Lockers & Cubicles On TV

Prospec are excited to see that our lockers and cubicles appear in the new Android UK TV advert. The advert tells the story of London's ‘Swim Dem Crew’ which was founded in 2013 by Peigh Asante, Nathaniel Cole and Emily Deyn. It shows the transformation of non-swimmer Peigh in to a confident and capable swimmer, who along with his ‘crew’ who would not normally swim, to get into the water and eventually overcome the fear of the open water.

A number of scenes from the inspirational advert were filmed at the London Aquatic Centre where Prospec installed laminate wet use lockers along with Conform cubicles, which were specifically designed and installed for the London 2012 Olympics.

Along with the advert being aired on TV it can bee viewed on YouTube by clicking the image.

Prospec Lockers & Cubicles On TV

Aug 21 2015 Canadian Partners Announced

Prospec are pleased to announce that our global reach extends within North America following the agreement with our new Canadian partners ATS - Allied Technical Services, based in Toronto.

This alliance opens up new and an exciting opportunity for both companies to reach new markets.

Canadian Partners Announced

May 6 2015 San Francisco Project Secured

Our New York partners Carvart have secured a project with the iconic Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, using our Cloud glass cubicle system.

Specially adapted and machined curved footplates were manufactured to comply with the strict local sanitary codes.

San Francisco Project Secured


Jun 18 2014Cloud Cubicles Glass Perfection

Prospec are excited to launch the new Cloud cubicle system. Cloud is a highly engineered, full height glass toilet cubicle system that has been developed for the commercial washroom sector and is manufactured using 15.52mm toughened & laminated safety glass, machined components and aluminium extrusions.

Designed by our in house product development team and tested independently with Sheffield Hallam University. We have used our years of experience from working with glass and created a toilet cubicle system that should be the centre stage of any modern commercial building development.

Cloud Cubicles Glass Perfection


Dec 12 2012 Private Health Clubs Or Fitness Centres

Private health clubs or fitness centres should consider personal lockers made from wood and metal and make the most of the design features of these materials.

Private Health Clubs Or Fitness Centres December 2012

Nov 20 2012 Marathon Glass Lockers

Marathon glass lockers are also ideal to use as wet area lockers, these materials can also be used in dry areas.

Marathon Glass Lockers November 2012

Oct 20 2012 Designed To Last

Designed to last, every element is built from materials which will not degrade when exposed to wet clothes and humid atmospheres.

Designed To Last October 2012

Jun 7 2012 Low iron Glass Option Available

Low Iron glass option available to give a true color finish.

Low iron Glass Option Available June 2012

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