Suspended Cubicles


Marathon Suspended has specially engineered design flexibility that enables it to be installed in almost any project. With a load bearing head beam the system is designed for high use washroom and changing areas in demanding public environments and can incorporate both the Classic and Conform systems.

Key Benefits

  • Option of a fully suspended System supported by connections to structural slab or walls above suspended ceiling
  • The extruded aluminium hollow head section is capable of spans up to 6 metres of single depth wall mounted cubicles
  • Vertical posts are mechanically joined to the head beam with screwport and through bolt connections to form a structural framework including capped ends
  • Full length channels are used to attach partition and pilaster to walls
  • Engineered to be used in double or single island configuration or wall mounted
  • Marathon suspended can be used in free standing block, between walls or with wall mounted supports concealed within the ceiling void
  • Design flexibility enables it to be installed in almost any project, even with large ceiling voids, unlike traditional ceiling hung systems

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