Trojan Vanity Units
Trojan Vanity Units

Compact Grade Vanity Units - Description

Prospec vanity units are designed for long term, low maintenance use.

From premium solid surfacing and troughs, to durable and functional laminate, Prospec offer a vanity unit to accommodate all design requirements and budgets.

Compact Grade Vanity Units - Key Benefits

  • Available as full vanity units with under frames and panels, suspended units for semi recessed bowls or as narrower vanity grooming shelves
  • Compact Grade Core Laminate: 0.8mm high pressure laminate bonded to 12mm core laminate. Not suitable for under mounted bowls
  • Solid surfacing materials: Designed for long term, low maintenance use. Solid color throughout its thickness, virtually seamless joints and is water and mark resistant. A choice of inlays, color bands and patterns available for our compact grade vanity units
  • Composite materials: High pressure laminate bonded to moisture resistant MDF or WPB plywood. 18mm minimum thickness with a composite to reverse as necessary, post-formed to detail with integral upstand, front downstand, fascia ends where visible to be blocked and laminate finish

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Trojan Vanity Units

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